A fanciful kids' book that makes talking about adoption fun!

This masterfully illustrated conversation starter will give you the words to use when talking about adoption with either adopted or non-adopted children. You'll be swept away by this imaginative journey about the wonder of finding family. 

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"Whatever they did and wherever they went, the three of them were together.  And Chance decided that he liked together.

In fact, together was his new favorite thing."

Why a book about wonder?

There are books out there that explore the nuts and bolts of explaining adoption to a child, but there's one thing that they miss: the wonder of it all. Adoption is nuanced, complicated, and can involve broken places, but adoption is also wondrous journey. And sometimes, it’s even a magical one.

The Polaris-Away invites you and your family to embark on an adventure where we answer one question: How far do we go for family? Learn the answer, and join a memorable cast of characters: A boy looking for family, two adults who are looking for their missing piece, and the magical flying ship that will bring them all together.

The Polaris-Away book cover

Sneak peek from the book

The Polaris-Away book preview showing dad, Chance, and mom
The Polaris-Away book preview showing Chance dreaming
The Polaris-Away book preview showing the ship returning home

Will you journey

into wonder?